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Skin care is an essential part of the fresh, young and healthy look we aim for. Our face is not only the first thing people see in us, but also the area of the body with especially sensitive skin, susceptible to the external environment. The type of skin we have depends on numerous factors, such as genes and the external environment, as well as the current emotional and health state.

Maxi Club works with the high-end Spanish cosmetic brands SKEYNDOR® and Natura Bisse® and the German bio cosmetics brand Dr.Spiller®. 


The facial therapies by these notable cosmetic brands, will ensure a glamorous, relaxed and healthy look, while treating existing conditions and preventing future ones.

Cleansing, hydrating, lifting, anti-age therapies and many more, depending on your skin type and personal desires - the cosmetics range at Maxi Club Sofia has all that you may need for effective skincare. With us you will find a large variety of facial procedures that every beauty connoisseur with an appreciation for relaxation and the modern vision will appreciate.

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